Freedom Through Vigilance Association
Heritage Chapter
Heritage Chapter Officers
1993* Barnie Gavin Bruce Foreman None
1993 Barnie Gavin Norm Parlow Don Parker
1994 Barnie Gavin Don Parker Jim Ali
1995** Nick Messersmith Bill Harris Jim Ali
1997 JJ Graham Bill Harris Jim Ali
1998 Andy Dove Wayne Bascom Jim Ali
1999 Andy Dove Bill Allen Jim Ali
2000 Bill Allen Cindy Willey Jim Ali
2001 Bill Allen Cindy Willey Jim Ali
2002** Cindy Willey Wayne Bascom Jim Ali
2004 Wayne Bascom Tom Nurre Jim Ali
2006 JJ Graham Tom Nurre Wayne Bascom
2008 JJ Graham Ed Bendinelli Larry Ross
2010 JJ Graham Ed Bendinelli Larry Ross
2012 JJ Graham Ed Bendinelli Larry Ross
2014 JJ Graham Ed Bendinelli Larry Ross
2016 JJ Graham Ed Bendinelli Larry Ross
2018 JJ Graham Ed Bendinelli Larry Ross
* Pro Tem until first election
** Two year term; Permanently added to constitution in 2002

Chronological Base and Chapter Highlights
1976Bldg 238 dedicated 1 Dec 1976 in honor of SSgt Todd M. Melton, KIA 5 Feb 1973 (Baron 52)
1976Bldg 240 dedicated 1 Dec 1976 in honor of MSgt John W. Ryon, KIA 21 Nov 1972 (Baron 56)
1985Bldg 255 dedicated 3 Jul 1985 in honor of TSgt Ray F. Leftwich, KIA 9 Mar 1967 (Tide 86)
1993First Chapter Meeting at Oasis Club on Goodfellow Air Force Base to Nominate Officers and decide on name
1994AIA Briefing Team informs membership of the new AIA organization
1994First Chapter briefs by foriegn intelligence officers - dozens follow in years to come
1995Chapter purchased brick for San Angelo Vietnam Veterans Association Memorial
1995First discussions on Chapter effort to memorialize TSgt Fred Sebers
1996Bldg 900 (NCOA) dedicated 6 Jul 1996 in honor of CMSgt James B. Heath
1996Chapter Donated $50 to Hospice of San Angelo in memory of CMSgt Jim Heath
1996Chapter submitted CMSgt Ali for Hall of Honor recognition
1996Bldg 3220, Dining Facility, dedicated 16 Jul 1996 in honor of Sgt Peter R. Cressman, KIA 5 Feb 1973 (Baron 52)
1997Chapter sends $50 in support of National Vigilance Park C-130 Memorial
1999CMSgt Ali resubmitted for Hall of Honor consideration
2000Chapter member CMSgt Tom Nurre inducted into FTVA Hall of Honor
2002CMSgt Jim heath inducted into SW Military Museum Foundation Hall of Fame
2002Package sumbitted to 17th Training Wing Commander on TSgt Fred Sebers Memorialization
2004Nearly $400 donated to Goodfellow AFB Academy to fund their mixer; 45 year celebration
2004Goodfellow Air Force Base agrees to procure an (E)C-47 - asks Heritage Chapter for help
2004Chapter agrees to pursue Internet presence and join with FTVA Web site
2005EC-47 dedicated in front of 17th Training Wing HQ, Goodfellow AFB, 28 Oct 2005
2006Bldg 519 dedicated on 22 Sep 2006 in honor of TSgt Fred Sebers, KIA Sep 1967
2009Inside display honoring TSgt Fred Sebers dedicated in Sebers Hall - photo, biography and shadow box w/medals
2014USAFFSS EC-47 ARDF History Exhibit opening ceremony 25 Jul 2014; chronicles the 6994th mission
2014Bldg 448 (17 TRG) dedicated on 27 Oct 2014 in honor of Sgt Dale Brandenburg, KIA 5 Feb 1973 (Baron 52)